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Don't you want to say that you know somebody who's famous?
Regardless of whether it's Imus or Amos?
Originally, without pain, you'd be gainless
Wisdom was our Principal, laid off, we aim less

NC promoted me up in front of the strangers
I learned at times family and friends are great dangers
NFL would be national farmlands and mangers
Gainsayers, naysayers, chambers, and rangers

Irregularities are often considered flaws
NRA protests, mistaken as applause
Selling your soul for the motor cycle should be against the laws
HLN reporters could build Taj Mahals

A leftover margin of followers go loca
Ln heirline booking trips to New Oprah
Less the bookishness, let's just jump on the sofa
OEM manspreaing like JHVH

Western Digital WD-40 spit
NSA is the new standard relationship
Each his own like Cheech and Chong be taking hits
Silver screens and scissors fissures and aftermints
Sriracha sauce on everything, new sacraments.

copyrighted ©2016 ノric L Farrell