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Maya Angelou was a singer, dancer, stage/screen producer, director, and playwright

Countee Cullen was a magazine assistant editor and high school language teacher

William Shakespeare was a playwright and actor

Edgar Allan Poe was a clerk, newspaper writer, soldier, short story writer, periodical editor, and assistant magazine editor

Langston Hughes was a personal assistant, busboy, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, journalist, who wrote short stories, operas, essays, and children's works

Lucille Clifton was a claims clerk, literature assistant, and college professor

Sir Walter Scott was advocate, judge and legal administrator by profession, but remembered as a historical novelist and playwright

Phillis Wheatley was a scullery maid at a boarding house

E. E. Cummings was a soldier, painter, essayist, author, and playwright

Amiri Baraka is known as a lecturer, editor, critic, magazine publisher, musician, and teacher, who writes plays, drama, and fiction

Robert Frost was a farmer and English teacher

Salvatore Quasimodo was a technical draughtsman and novelist

William Blake was a printmaker, painter, and engraver

Alexander Pushkin was a playwright, and novelist

geoffrey chaucer was a member of Edward III's royal court, a courtier, diplomat, astronomer, civil servant, and clerk of the king's works

Rudyard Kipling was a journalist, assistant editor, and overseas correspondent

Billy Collins is a college professor

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a schoolmaster, lecturer, and essayist

Nikki Giovanni is a college professor

T. S. Eliot was a literary and social critic, essayist, publisher, and playwright

Walt Whitman worked as a journalist, teacher, government clerk, and was an essayist